Cleanse Your Liver, Pancreas and Kidneys With Coriander and Parsley Detox Drink

To help our body be at its best and improve – or at least maintain – our wellbeing, it’s important for our liver to be as healthy as possible. Without a healthy liver, we wouldn’t be able to get nutrients from the food we eat, we wouldn’t be able to drink any alcohol whatsoever, and we wouldn’t be able to get rid of toxins at all. Besides liver, the health of our pancreas and kidneys matters greatly too – the pancreas helps in the digestion of food, blood sugar control and metabolism, while kidneys not only help body pass waste, but filter that waste from food, toxic substances and medication, and help regulate blood pressure, and maintain overall health.

Needless to say, to be healthy, we need to keep these three organs in tip-top shape. Luckily, there is a simple, yet highly effective way to do that: homemade coriander and parsley drink.

Coriander and Parsley Detox Drink

This natural remedy is made with only two ingredients but is nonetheless one of the healthiest detox drinks for your liver, pancreas and kidneys. Here is what it can help with:

  • Boost liver, pancreas and kidney function and health
  • Help control blood sugar
  • Lower LDL cholesterol
  • Help remove bladder stones
  • Help get rid of bladder infections.

Here are the ingredients you need to prepare it:

  • A handful of coriander
  • A handful of parsley
  • A cup of water.


Chop coriander and parsley and mix them together in a pan. Add water and turn up the heat. Bring to boil and let it simmer for 10 minutes. Let the mixture cool and then consume.

Tip: to really boost the health of your organs, drink one glass of this detox remedy a day. You can prepare larger amounts of the drink and store it in the fridge for 3-4 days and then make a fresh batch after that.


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